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[RESOLVED] Update: 12.50 PM

The host machine is back, along with that all associated VM's are back online as well. Now we'll proceed further with the swapping of old drives with new one's and during this process till the disk mirroing completes, you might notice the performance drop on the server.

The process should fairly get completed in next 24 /48 hours, however we do not expect your VPS's/websites to be down during that time. 

Update: 11.16 AM

The RAID in this server has failed, However, our techs were able to recover it. The RAID is currently rebuilding on the server. Once it is completed, all the 6 drives on the servers will need to be replaced one by one to preserve the data on the server.  We are currently running FSCKs on the partitions. Once the FSCKs are complete, we can bring the server back online.  

We will keep you informed of our progress.

Server Name: Virtualizor.Server
Server IP:

Dear Customers,

Our Linux HostMachine by the name of Virtualizor is currently down due to some issue on the server and as a result all the associated VM's are down as well, our datacentre technicians are working over this.

Current ETA is around 60 minutes, we'll update you once the machines are back online.


WIPL Tech Team


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