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RightMX (EnterpriseMail) Server Migration on Jan 30, 2021 (Saturday)]
Posted by Mohit S :: WIPL on 25 January 2021 06:56 PM
Dear Customers,

In order to provide you with better performance & more stable servers, we would be upgrading our mail server RightMX (Enterprise) to heavy-duty servers with Intel Hexacore Processors & Superfast SSD Drives.

The migration details for the servers are given below:

Servers Impacted: RightMX.DNSRACKS.COM (RightMX Enterprise Mail Server)

Why the need of Migration? : As a part of our quality assurance policy, we regularly upgrade our infrastructure to meet the Industry standards & to protect the servers from any possible signs of crashes/downtimes. Since the hard drive of the servers are mechanical devices hence, we have a time frame of upgrading the hardware the moment it reaches its 5 years running phase. 

Migration Description: During this time, we will be migrating the mail data to a new & powerful server with the following configuration:
  • Latest generation Intel Processors with Hex Core Compute
  • 128 GB ECC Ram
  • SuperFast Enterprise SSD Drives
  • High-Capacity Enterprise Storage Systems
Migration Date: Jan 30, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: The Migration would start at the Evening at 8.00 PM GMT 5.30 + (IST) time.
ETA for Completion: Migration would be completed in approx 12 - 18 hours.

Maintenance Impact:

1. As a result of this move, you will not able to access the mail service but none of the mails would be continue queuing up on the backupMX servers
2. Actual amount of downtime will depend on how fast the data between both servers get resynced.
3. The Mail Server IP remains the same on the new server hence you don't need to change any IP in DNS file.

Communications Plan:

Our helpdesk will be fully functional and staffed during the migrations. We will also be posting periodic updates in the announcements section to keep you fully informed of the status of all migrations. Please do not use our emergency contact numbers during the migration, as this will just slow our work.

We appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to minimize downtime while safely and securely moving servers.

Warm Regards,

Team WIPL 

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